Microalgae biotechnology
Bioprocess optimization
Producing certain products from microalgae can be challenging. In order to do it effectively you not only must optimize every parameter of its growth, but also design your process accordingly. We can help you accomplish that!

Contractual research and development
Do you want to know more about the algae species you want to work with? Do you want to start growing an algae species but you don't have the facilities nor the time to do so? Do you need biomass for analytical purposes? Do you want to select the best strain for your process? Contact us to discuss the options!
Photobioreactor design and construction
Do you need a prototype or a final unit? Do you need a custom build piece for your already existing reactor? We have the facilities to do so.

We can develop customized electronics, whether it is prototypes or a batch. This could be a new module, but also replacement electronics with added or adapted functionality for existing systems. Everything tailored to the requirements of the customer. Both for industrial automation, LED drivers and sensor technology.
Process control
We develop the control software internally, which means we are fully flexible to customize the process for you.

Automation and Remote Control
All our processes are automated to the maximum extent possible. Do you need help automating your processes? Talk to us to discuss the possibilities!
Do you want to become an algae entrepreneur? Do you have an idea in mind and you would like some assistance to implement? Maybe you want to improve your process? Contact us and we can give you advice and look for collaboration on any topic related to the microalgae industry.