We cover the full spectrum of knowledge from the laboratory, to prototyping, final design and market scale.

We have the facilities that allow us to develop new strains and optimize culture conditions for different species. Also we are capable of building photobioreactor prototypes in-house, writing our own software and developing the electronics that integrates everything. We are experts on LED-lighting, being able to model and build our own light sources.

All our products are automated to the best extent possible, allowing an operator to work remotely, monitoring or changing parameters of the production process from any device with an Internet connection. This allows us to be very flexible, adapting to any assignment and meeting any challenge in a customized way.

We have designed and custom built units meant for experimentation on a small scale. We have experience building and running prototypes and mid-sized units that allows for assessing how the process will perform once scaled up prior to making a final investment. And, we are capable of designing and building final units meant for industrial use.

We have the capability of providing unique solutions for technical and biological challenges.