Our process

redefining production

When your goal is to be able to run a production facility as accurate and reliable as a Swiss watch, completely automated, computerized, with high throughput, highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and stable in terms of product quality, every detail counts. Every parameter in the design is optimized to the best extent to fulfill the growth necessities while keeping the process profitable. This allows us to produce a superior product which positions us on top of current market leaders. Engineers and biologists work together in our facilities in the Netherlands to make this happen.

The production process starts in the lab, where for example a colony of Haematococcus pluvialis is hand-picked and transferred to liquid medium under sterile conditions. This will provide a clean culture that is then transferred to a larger photobioreactor crafted specially to provide the optimal conditions to promote growth. At this moment, the culture displays a shimmering green color. Microscopically, the cells move and present an oval shape. Once the density reaches a certain value, the culture is transferred to a second photobioreactor and the culture conditions are changed dramatically to make the maturation of the cells happen. Microscopically, the size and shape of the cells change to bigger and rounded cells, while they start to accumulate astaxanthin massively, which makes the color turn to dark red.

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